We recommend sharing several small plates to appeal to everyone in your group. Nosh on different items from the kitchen while sampling from a vast selection of libations, or create your own dining experience through selecting several courses of both light and rich fare. All of our portions are designed to allow you to enjoy multiple items in one visit.

Hooves & Feathers

  • Warm Herb Hummus lamb sausage, fava beans, pine nut, pita $13
  • Tagliatelle Pasta braised rabbit, walnuts, lemon, pecorino, winter truffles $24
  • Roasted Foie Gras caramelized pear, pistachios, black truffle & honey brown butter $21
  • Blackened Dry-Aged Delmonico crispy cornbread, white BBQ, pickled okra $47
  • Duck Hot Brown smoked duck breast, mornay sauce, dried tomato, sourdough $13
  • Flemish Beef Rib caramelized onion, sour ale, comte cheese $15
  • Smoked Beef Sirloin oxtail, beech mushrooms, chestnut, red miso bordelaise $15
  • Haven Choucroute Garnie saurkraut, pork belly, pork loin, bratwurst, mustard, horseradish, rye bread $12
  • Pork Tacos salsa verde, cabbage, cotija, smoked tomato guacamole $5
  • Caroline's Rice Bowl kagoshima wagyu tartare, sticky rice, tangerine kasha, egg, black truffle shoyu $33

Fins, Scales, & Shells

  • She Crab Linguine blue crab, lima beans, creme fraiche, fino sherry $14
  • Warm Peal n' eat Texas White Shrimp lemon, dill, harissa remoulade $13
  • Seared Tuna maple preserved matsutake mushrooms, whiskey shoyu $14
  • Caraway Roasted Arctic Char warm german potato salad, hard boiled egg, brook trout roe $17
  • Octopus Carpaccio artichokes, palm hearts, caper berry, meyer lemon aioli $15
  • Raw Oysters chef's daily mignonette $3
  • Hamachi Crudo cucumber, apple, mint, basil, gochujang sauce $11
  • Wahoo ala Plancha escargot, new potatoes, sauce vierge $17


  • Appenzeller cow's milk, switzerland, firm & smooth
  • Ashbrook cow's milk, vermont, supple
  • St. Nectaire cow's milk, france, nutty
  • Rembrandt Gouda cow's milk, netherlands, butterscotch & honey
  • Tete de Moine cow's milk, switzerland, firm
  • Harlech cow's milk, wales, tangy
  • Beemster XO cow's milk, holland, firm gouda
  • Idiazabel sheep's milk, spain, smokey

Chef Selections

  • Toma Piemontese cow's milk, italy, firm
  • Sottocenere cow's milk, italy, truffle
  • Moliterno al Vino sheep's milk, italy, firm
  • Gorgonzola D.O.P. cow's milk, italy, firm
  • Teleggio cow's milk, italy, tangy
  • Fontal Vivaldi cow's milk, italy, supple
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cow's milk, italy, sharp

Mild & Mellow

  • Brillat Savarin cow's milk, france, triple cream
  • Midnight Moon goat's milk, holland, savory
  • Kickapoo cow's milk, illinois, semi-hard
  • Cabra Blanca goat's milk, colorado, citrusy
  • Benning Gouda goat's milk, holland, grassy
  • Hollandse Creme cow's milk, netherlands, creamy
  • Thomasville Tomme cow's milk, georgia, buttery
  • Mimolette cow's milk, france, butterscotch
  • Coolea cow's ireland, caramel notes
  • Zamorano sheep's milk, spain, nutty
  • Tetilla cow's milk, spain, creamy
  • Cana de Cabra goat's milk, spain, crumbly

Cheese Monger Plate

  • Chef's Selection of 18 Cheeses $47
  • Rosemary Almonds $6
  • Honeycomb $3