Haven is a dream realized for the Bern’s team

March 23rd, 2015


“A new beginning for SideBern’s, and a tip of the hat to the history of Bern’s.” A beginning filled with charcuterie, cheese and of course, wine! Guests are invited to take part in the progression of the Bern’s brand and growth of our restaurants in our new high-energy, upscale space completely redone in a modern design that blends the use of unique lighting, rich wood and dramatic accents. Welcome! This is Haven.

After months and months of planning and hard-work, Haven is a dream realized for the Bern’s team. Under the direction of two-time James Beard Best Chef: South Semi-finalist Executive Chef Chad Johnson and Chef de Cuisine Courtney Orwig a new menu has been created. The new menu features a variety of market-fresh cuisine, a variety of charcuterie and over 100 cheeses for guests to treat their palates.

The 5,100 sq. ft. restaurant offers guests three different spaces. On one side, guests can partake in an intimate setting and on the other a more casual and energetic space is offered. Both spaces are separated by a bar that seats up to 25. For guests wanting to take advantage of our beautiful location on South Howard and enjoy an al fresco meal, seating is offered on an all-new patio area.

For those who love to socialize over a great meal in what’s to be a popular place, it couldn’t get any better.

This is Haven.

Crafted. Cultured. Cellared.