We recommend sharing several small plates to appeal to everyone in your group. Nosh on different items from the kitchen while sampling from a vast selection of libations, or create your own dining experience through selecting several courses of both light and rich fare. All of our portions are designed to allow you to enjoy multiple items in one visit.

Roots & Leaves

  • Tomato Macaroni stewed tomato, summer truffles $17
  • Warm Tomatoes stracciatella, walnut, celery, balsamic, pomegranate molasses $13
  • Potato Shumai bowfin caviar, ramp vinaigrette $12
  • Mushroom Toast fromage de meaux, hazelnut, crispy maitake $12
  • Collard Green Kofta curry cashew sauce, spicy tomato $11
  • Grilled Leeks garrotxa, harrisa romesco $10
  • Radiatore Pasta calabrian chile, basil, spring peas, pistachio $12
  • Roasted Zucchini aged provolone, pickled fresno peppers, mint pesto $10
  • Kimchee Home Fries fried egg, scallion $8
  • Simple Salad gem lettuce, snipped herbs, haricot vert, radish, pecorino vinaigrette $8
  • Fried Brussel Sprouts feta, sumac, arugula, quince vinaigrette $10

Fins, Scales, & Shells

  • Raw Oysters chef's daily mignonette $3
  • Crispy Catfish Tacos handmade tortillas, avocado, danger sauce, cabbage $5
  • Wet Wontons broccoli, mushroom, & chili dumplings, spicy crab broth $15
  • Shrimp & Avocado Causa egg, aji amarillo, chilled potato, black olive $15
  • Grilled Octopus potato, chorizo, urfa pepper aioli $16
  • Flounder Tiradito passion fruit, avocado, rocoto pepper $12
  • Grilled Squid toasted rice, squid ink, almond, piquillo pepper $11
  • Kampachi Collars palm sugar glaze, green curry vinegar $19

Adult Floats

  • Bananas Foster caramelized banana ice cream, rum, beer $9
  • Berries & Cream vanilla ice cream, strawberry cider $8