We recommend sharing several small plates to appeal to everyone in your group. Nosh on different items from the kitchen while sampling from a vast selection of libations, or create your own dining experience through selecting several courses of both light and rich fare. All of our portions are designed to allow you to enjoy multiple items in one visit.

Roots & Leaves

  • Spaghetti Squash caravan spices, dried fruits, pistachio, preserved lemon, pine nut, mint $9
  • Wild Mushroom Dumplings mushroom soy, black vinegar $8
  • Warm Beet Salad feta, fennel marmalade, toasted seeds, sprouts $11
  • Cauliflower Carbonara pecorino, ham, sage, black pepper, egg $12
  • Vindaloo Carrots lime yogurt, crispy chickpea, plum, mint $10
  • Fried Brussels Sprouts Salad spinach, prosciutto, goat cheese, almond, apple, quince vinaigrette $11
  • Radiatore Pasta calabrian chile, basil, zucchini, pistachio $12
  • Shaved Vegetable Salad jalapeño, ginger, coconut milk dressing $9
  • Kung Pao Asparagus sichuan peppercorn, red chili, scallion, peanuts $10

Fins, Scales, & Shells

  • Raw Oysters chef's daily mignonette $3
  • Shellfish Stuffed Oysters crab, shrimp, creole bordelaise $4
  • Porcini Seared Tuna crispy shiitake, radish, black truffle ponzu $16
  • Cobia Ceviche avocado, radish, tomato, rocotto chile, lime $13
  • Grilled Octopus potato, chorizo, urfa pepper aioli $13
  • Hamachi & Avocado Toast pickled chilies, radish, sorrel, garlic oil $15
  • Aleppo Pepper Blackened Halibut sweet corn, pepper jelly vinaigrette $20

Adult Floats

  • Strawberry Madness prosecco, 20/20 sorbet $9
  • Cerveza con Leche ccb maduro brown ale, coffee ice cream $8